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I'm Here to Help You Get It Done.

Hey, David here. I'm super stoked to potentially help you out on your journey - whether it be our all-inclusive LAB PRO membership... or some good, ol-'fashioned roll-up-my-sleeves "hands on" help.

All services are intentionally set up to be flexible, without any games. Simple for you, easy for me. All services are managed inside our LAB platform - via a credit system. You purchase account credits for the service(s) you could really use... and you'll see those credit balances in your account. They are your's and they will not expire. You can then use those credits to request services when you're ready.


LAB PRO is our primary membership... giving you the "all access pass" to every bit of training we've got.

You'll get every single course in our library, full unlimited access to the whole members-only Video Library, the Document Vault, the Help Hotline, Workshops... everything.

PRO members also lock in steep discounts on service credits. For many, this discount alone more than pays for the entire membership.

Lifetime membership available, too!

LAB PLATINUM is our next-level membership which combines everything from the PRO membership with ongoing (discounted) service credits.

In addition to every training resource in the platform, you'll also get service credits added to your account each month. You can use those credits to book a call anytime... or use our technical services.

This is a business support and coaching service may to be simple, flexible and... useful. No overpriced self-important rates, no contracts. Just... hands-on support with your project.


Yes, we can hop on a personal, one-on-one private call to discuss your business and work out any confusions you might be having. No ongoing coaching obligations.

Like tech services, private calls are booked using our in-house credit system. One credit per call. Strategy call credits will always be visible on your member account and they do not expire. So, you can lock in a few credits at once and book those calls whenever you need (as long as I'm available, of course).

Feeling rather snowed in by the tech part of your business? Going cross-eyed with WordPress plug-ins, theme changes, membership site setup, or just how to make it all work together? Is the idea of trying to find somebody on Fiverr or Upwork just overwhelming because you have no idea who is trustworthy?

We can just do it for you.


Shed the overwhelm and confusion so you can make your best headway. And we do that by putting the business aside... and looking at our daily lives.

A Full Blueprint For Planning And Building An Information Product That Is Truly Effective And Converts

Here's how to step off the rat-wheel of date-based blogging... and into systematic and strategic approach to content that drives revenue.

The engine that drives a scalable online business isn't just the email list... but what gets sent to it. This course is about everything that happens after they opt-in. Build a powerful email marketing engine... even if you're not the greatest writer.

A full beginning-to-end blueprint on planning, building, growing and managing a profitable membership site.

A Step-By-Step System For Building The Business Machine Which Generates Revenue From Your Blog 24/7

Step by step, element by element, page by page... we will build not just a blog, but a strategically engineered content marketing environment proven to generate leads and sales.

Gain clarity on the business you intend to build - all on one page. Shed the overwhelm... so you're ready to bring on the results.

No list. No product. No blog. You've got nothing but ideas. This is a step-by-step blueprint to starting your online business from zero.

Some Notes On Being A Customer

When you become a customer or client, you will get a member account inside the LAB platform. Your training and any services you use will all be managed from within your account in the LAB.

If you ever need any help with an order or anything else, please contact us. You'll find us to be personal and friendly. We promise.

All orders come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here's how it works...

  • You can request a refund on any membership or course within 30 days of enrollment. Just ask.
  • Unused service credits are refundable within 30 days of purchase. Once a credit has been debited for services rendered, it is not refundable.

You will be able to view your credit debit history inside your member account at any time, so you'll always know how they've been used. You will also be able to control billing and membership subscriptions inside your account. You're always in control.