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Put A Trusted Expert Advisor On Your Team - Available To Answer All Your Burning Questions Whenever You Get Stuck - Or Help You Out Of A Technical Jam

Activate your PLATINUM Account For Instant Access To:

  • Everything included in the LAB PRO Membership, plus...
  • Private, personal email access to David on demand, to get all your burning questions answered whenever you need them
  • Service credit(s) added to your account automatically each month, so you can book strategy calls and/or get direct technical help

Sometimes, our biggest barrier to success is ourselves.

Having an experienced hand there to support you can make all the difference in your progress.

Look, we all get stuck sometimes. Despite having access to training, sometimes there are those specific questions that you just have a hard time answering. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what the exact right move is in your particular case.

Sometimes, your ideas just get bogged down by your lack of tech know-how.

It can wear on you after awhile. You start to lose your mojo. You get frustrated.

But, what if you had an expert in your pocket? What if you had direct access to somebody with over 20 years of experience in blogging, online marketing, membership sites and even the technical stuff?

Yep, I'm talking about myself again. ;) But, I'm here for ya.

Stop Trying To Go It Alone.

Building and growing an online business is a pretty big project. It is tough enough as it is, but it is made much harder when you're going it alone. Putting another on your "team" can make all the difference.

As you are working to grow your business, you might have a question about your offer, your landing page, your branding, ads, website, funnels, lead magnets, your blog posts, the emails being sent to your list, your SEO, membership site, platforms, your traffic strategy.... ok, you get the idea. :) Any number of things could come up and you could use some quick feedback or advice on how to press forward and make things happen a helluva lot faster.

Or perhaps you know what you need to do, but you keep running up against the barrier of "how". Wrestling plug-ins and settings and code can feel tedious pretty quickly.

This is what LAB PLATINUM is all about.

Here's How LAB Platinum Works...

LAB PLATINUM is basically the LAB PRO membership with automatic (discounted) service credits. And those credits can be used to book a private call with me or to get some direct, technical help with your online business setup.

There are 3 levels for Platinum. The only difference will be how many service credits will automatically be added to your account balance each month. You decide what level of personal help you really need.

The savings below reflect even the already-discounted rates on services provided to PRO members. So, if you want ongoing help from me, LAB PLATINUM is the most budget-friendly way to go.

You will be billed automatically each month. There is no contract and you can cancel anytime you want.

Tripled My Monthly Sales

Finding and trusting someone to help you with your business is not easy! I'm so incredibly happy that I decided to put my trust in David and the Platinum coaching program. This affordable coaching has enabled me to triple my monthly sales and keep a steady flow of earnings coming in. Working with David has truly allowed me to step up in the blogging world from a hobby blogger to a full fledged business owner. Thank you David!!

Holly Daniel

Some common questions answered...

What if I'm already a PRO member?

No problem. We'll simply cancel your PRO subscription so you won't be double-billed. Currently, we don't have an automatic way to upgrade you or pro-rate your upgrade. So, you will simply signup for PLATINUM above and we will cancel your current PRO subscription.

What happens if I choose to cancel?

You can cancel anytime you want inside your account. If you do, you are cancelling all PRO member benefits as well (unless you were previously a lifetime member). You would need to re-activate your PRO membership if you wish to keep access to all the member benefits. Any service credits added to your account will be retained.

What happens if I don't use all the credits added to my balance each month?

That's no problem. They don't expire. So, you could always use them the following month. If we notice you are pretty continually not using all your credits, however, we will likely proactively cancel your subscription so your balance doesn't get too big. After all, I don't want you coming to me in 6 months expecting me to work for you full time. Not gonna happen. ;)

What if I have a lifetime membership to LAB PRO?

Well, you can still join Platinum if you want. If you cancel, you will retain your PRO member benefits.

How can credits be used?

You can use credits to either book a strategy session with me or to request technical service. Just like normal.

How is this different than simply buying credits like usual in the LAB?

PLATINUM used to be structured differently, but I'm all about simplicity. So, I decided it would be easier to just combine things. I mean, whether I'm doing a one-off strategy session or a "Platinum Coaching Session", there's not really a whole lot of difference. ;-) So, PLATINUM is basically a way to get credits added to your account each month on automatic and save a little money in the process. It is best for people who want to do ongoing work with me for a period of time. But, you can easily just purchase a credit package here in the LAB anytime and use them however you want. You can choose what works best for you.